It's a heartwarming story of resilience: two orphaned gorillas have been adopted by members of their group.

In a remarkable and special turn of events, two young gorilla orphans are thriving: Imbaduko and her best friend Mubyeyi are being supported and cared for by other members of their group. Through this tough time, the members of Kureba’s group – led by silverback Ishavu – are banding together and providing lots of help and comfort to one another.

Learn more about this extraordinary story here


Want some wisdom for Women's History Month? These quotes from amazing women will give you all the inpsiration you need.

Happy Women’s History Month! Here at the Fossey Fund, we are proud to be a woman-founded and women-led organization. In honor of this special month, check out some inspirational quotes from women on our team and in our community programs. We hope they motivate you to go out and change the world. 💚

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So, you just read the sweet story about Imbaduko and her best friend Mubyeyi. Did you know Imbaduko is available for adoption with the Fossey Fund? We are certain that the adopters of Imbaduko played no small part in her success and survival.

Symbolic adoptions support the gorillas we monitor and protect in Rwanda. Not to mention, adoptions make great gifts! Give an adoption (and feel good about the gifts you give to your loved ones).

Adopt a gorilla!

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